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Dive In My Contest

Win $100

Win $100

How To WIn:

  1. Make sure you follow @officiallyave

  2. Stream the song. Watch the video. Get the most answers correct

  3. Tag a friend who loves good music and winning money

Dive In My Contest
1. Which 90s music video inspired this music video?
2. Guess one of the two beaches where this music video was filmed?
3. Which mythical creature was removed from the video concept at the last minute?
4. What gem was featured in the earrings at the beginning of the music video? Clue: Birthstone
5. In the lyrics, which astronomical body does Avé follow to see their love again?
6. In which month was this music video shot?

Thanks for participating! Make sure you tag a friend and follow @Officiallyave to win!

Good Luck!

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